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Lead Paint Disposal
Leicester Skips Direct has wide-ranging wisdom and expertise in the identification, direction and disposal of wastes generated from the removal of coatings which might contain dangerous materials, particularly lead and other heavy metals. Coatings comprising lead may be found on many constructions including railings and buildings in addition to railway stations, bridges and signal boxes.

We work using several industrial painting contractors and supply specialised containers, id, evaluation and guidance on disposal of lead paint and contaminated grit blast. When an evaluation identifies the waste includes above the permitted brink of heavy metals and other components (on someone or accumulative amount), the paint will be classified as dangerous and disposed of at a suitably.

Big Balers

*Makes a mill size bale (weight 450 kg)
*Perfect for lots of stuff
*Keeping Claws to cut back spring back
*Big load aperture for easy loading of stuff into baler
*Expanded cyclinders create a more compact bale
*Can bale various waste products including plastic bottles, fabrics, carbumpers, tyres and heavy duty fabrics
*Completely automated bale ejector: simplifies removal of bale
*Keeping Claw system to cut back spring back

We provide a variety of services to accommodate all companies and will work closely with the client to make sure it suits their pocket in addition to their demands.

We now make groups for, general, cardboard, combined recycling, glass & confidential waste.

Commerce Containers
We’ve got a selection of 240, 700 & 1100 Litre containers.
To find out more on our Commerce Containers and Wheelie Bins, click here

For customers without storage for containers or who exclusively create a bit of waste, we do provide bags, all these are pre paid for when purchased & offer the customer the option to dispose of their waste.
Totes are appropriate for most waste kinds, apart from glass.

Discreet Waste Bags
Leicester Skips Direct additionally provides a group for confidential waste, all disposals are given a free certification of destruction for your reassurance.

Cardboard Decals
For customers using a big volume of loose cardboard, we propose purchasing stickers. This allows the customer a fast & simpler method to dispose of their cardboard.

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