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Have you ever wondered what happens to your trade waste once it leaves your premises? Our company provides waste management including trade waste management to both urban and remote companies and businesses in and around Leicester.  For all your trade waste needs and information, call 01163 400 740 or fill out the form for a free estimate. We also offer:

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What is Trade Waste?

Trade waste refers to the total amount of liquid waste produced by a business, excluding human waste or personal hygiene waste. CIt can also be all surplus materials produced by the work of companies and businesses as a result of their general operations, such as paper waste and other products. Moreover, trade waste often includes liquid waste, such as oils, chemicals, grades, etc.

We offer trade waste collection services to assist your business in complying with the legal Duty of Care, which mandates that all businesses hire a licensed waste provider to dispose of their garbage safely. Because of its hazardous nature, trade waste management calls for careful delegation. In addition to contaminating drinking water, most of it is abrasive and releases toxic gasses, such as methane. Therefore, establishing an effective trade waste management program is crucial for your business. Call us at 01163 400 740 to learn more about our services and how we will handle trade waste at your company.

Leicester Commercial Waste Collection and Disposal

To ensure that your trade waste does not harm the sewer system or people who work in sewers, you must have a pre-treatment system in place to treat it before it enters the sewer system. Large amounts of greasy waste are generated by food preparation businesses. This includes fast food outlets, supermarkets, butchers, bakeries, coffee shops and smaller shopping malls.

Grease is released in a liquid or emulsified condition, but when it cools, it can solidify and cause sewage obstructions. Sewage overflows into the environment, houses, and businesses can occur as a result of this build-up in the system. Trade waste consists of inorganic contaminants that cannot be removed and could eventually contaminate the soil in the treatment plants. If some of these are present in your company’s trade waste, it’s better to dispose of it as hazardous trash. Please contact us if you would like more details on how to get trade waste collection and disposal that’s tailored specifically to your business.

Tips on How to Manage The Greasy Waste 

Following are some suggestions for reducing your business’s oily water waste to save money:

Cut down on fat, oil, and grease.

You should avoid pouring oil down the drain or into the grease arrestor.

Dishes, kitchen utensils, and equipment should be scraped or wiped of extra food stuff, grease, and oil rather than rinsing.

Wash with detergents that can be quickly broken down.

Make sure you use sink strainers or screens to prevent food solids from going down the drain.

Ensure all grease-bearing drainage lines lead to grease arrestors.

Make sure your grease arrestor is serviced regularly by a licensed waste hauler.

Ensure that your employees know what can and cannot be put in the sinks and drains.

Cooking oil should be stored in a bunded area so that leaks and spills won’t contaminate stormwater or the sewer system

Trade Waste Permit

It is not always possible to dispose of trade waste in the sewer. If you want to dispose of your trade waste down the sewer, you need to obtain a permit. Trade waste purification normally comes with a fee, depending on how much purification you require. As part of our trade waste management service, we can collect trade waste at your convenience, reducing the financial and physical burden of managing your trade waste. The waste will be handled with care at one of our local treatment facilities. All legal requirements will be met.

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