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At Leicester Skips Direct, we provide a top quality recycling and waste management service that can allow you to comply with WEEE rules and regulations. All pertinent documentation will likely be issued and it is possible to be assured your waste is being recycled accurately, economically and effectively.

Leicester Skips Direct supplies a variety of services for…

Our purpose will be to fix and refurbish as much of the WEEE that we receive, WEEE that can’t be fixed and refurbished will be utilized for components and materials.

The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (2006) States that ‘the general public must handle and dispose of electric waste in an authorized and eco friendly fashion’

That which we recycle

  1. Big household appliances

and Clocks, watches and gear with the aim of measuring, indicating or registering time Scales.

  1. IT and telecommunications gear

Centralised data processing:
Printer units
Private computing:
Personal computers (CPU, mouse, display and keyboard included)
Laptop computers (CPU, mouse, display and keyboard included)
Notebook computers
Notepad computers
Duplicating gear
Electric and electronic typewriters
Other products and gear for the collection, storage, processing, display or communication of information by electronic means
Pay phones
Cordless telephones
Cellular telephones
Replying systems
Other products or equipment of transmitting sound, pictures or other information by telecommunications

  1. Consumer gear

Radio sets
Television sets
Video recorders
Hifi recorders
Audio amplifiers
Musical instruments
Other products or gear with the aim of recording or reproducing sound or images, including signals or alternative technologies for the distribution of audio and image than by telecommunications

  1. Electric and electronic tools (with the exclusion of large scale stationary industrial tools)

Sewing machines
Gear for spraying, spreading, dispersing or other treatment of liquid or gaseous materials by other means
Tools for mowing or other gardening tasks


Video games
Computers for cycling, diving, running and rowing
Sports equipment with electrical or electronic parts

  1. Medical devices (with the exclusion of all implanted and infected products)

Radiotherapy equipment
Pulmonary ventilators
Nuclear medicine
Lab equipment for in vitro analysis
Deep freezers
Fertilization evaluations
Other appliances for detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating, alleviating illness, injury or impairment

  1. Automatic dispensers

Automatic dispensers for hot beverages
Automatic dispensers for cash

  1. Screen Gear

Tvs, computer screens and other visual screen equipment

  1. Refrigeration Equipment

Deep freezers


Perhaps you have asked yourself any of these questions?
Are you 100% certain that you just can not reuse any of your waste?
Could you launder the stuff to reuse yourself?

Whether you’ve, one visit from our staff could place your mind at ease. Just analyzing your present disposal courses, waste flows and cautious testing could be saving your business money.

Maybe you’ve already had a similar service offered to you personally in the past that emphasized no advantages to your organization. You may now realize there are alternate paths your present waste business aren’t looking at. Maybe you’d reap the benefits of a consultation.

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