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Waste Kinds
*Clean concrete, debris, hardcore, brick & block etc that won’t decompose or cause a danger when buried.
*Use just uncontaminated alloys. Examples contain rebar off reductions; scrap metal (no empty paint cans, as all these are considered dangerous).
*Any wastes except contaminated substances that can’t be recycled in other bins to the site.
Don’t contaminate these materials with other substances as this will change their recyclability.
*Only lumber or wood products. Don’t use for treated lumbers as these may be contaminated with preservatives.
*Just for contaminated or dangerous wastes.

What makes up ‘Mixed Waste’?
In building language, mixed waste is all the waste created in the site that is not dangerous. As stated in the European Waste Catalog 2002, dangerous and mixed waste kinds must never be mistaken.

What occurs to ‘Mixed Waste’?
‘Miscellaneous Waste’ is taken to a transfer station where it’s fed into numerous deciding stations and trammels. These separate the numerous kinds of products like paper, cardboard, plastic, metals and wood for recycling.

Why are there different prices for different waste streams?
The price of coping with distinct streams is dependent upon the how simple the waste would be to express, procedure into a useable product and what its ending worth is.

Cross pollution is when waste streams which were segregated at source are contaminated with other streams.

Taking the longest to segregate, they possess the lowest quality recyclate fractions and possess the greatest fraction of landfill. This in turn contributes to higher company prices and lousier Environmental reporting amounts.

The space accessible for landfill is fast running out and landfill sites create considerable amounts of green house gasses. So to raise recycling rates and make recycling more economically feasible the government introduced Landfill Tax; this raises each year via an escalator (now 8.00 per year per short ton). Landfill tax will rise to 70.00 per short ton in the not too remote future, so it’s very important that where possible, waste is segregated at source and isn’t cross contaminated.

Food Waste
All food waste we gather is recycled
Your waste is taken to the nearest ADVERTISEMENT plant to ensure the best possible carbon emissions.

Local facilities
We use the most economical facility for the recycling of your waste.

Recycling your food will significantly lower your prices.

Roto Compactors
Essential characteristics of the Bergmann Roto Compactor
*Easy operation
*Constant feeding for optimal compacting
*Enormous compaction speed for greatest waste decrease
*Low care
*Perfect for general waste
Efficient waste compaction and set in a single machine
The compactors we use were among the first waste managing machines introduced to the industry. Roto were designed to massively decrease the volume of general waste, depositing it in big bags or sacks for collection and disposal.

Through the years the our chose compactor brand has established itself as an extremely successful, cash economy compactor for the therapy of a broad range of waste flows in enclosed spaces. It’s as important now as ever before.

Our compactor choice is the standard for this particular kind of machine. Specially designed, the tough-faced roller holds and tears up waste material and compacts it, with an optimum compaction speed of a huge 9:1. Another crucial characteristic that makes this Compactor one of the top on the marketplace is its continuous feed attribute, which operates by enabling the filling chute to stay open safely during compaction.

Our Compactors may be constantly fed as well as the outcome is exceptionally compacted stuff in big bags, which may be taken out by pallet truck.

Our Compactors can be found in round or square format. Some versions compact waste materials into bags and others streamlined waste into wheeled bins.

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