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Do you have a lot of food waste or other commercial waste at your place of business?

Leicester Waste can provide a cost-effective and long-term food waste collecting solution for your company. If you separate your food trash from your general waste, you will reduce the frequency of service and reduce the weight of your container.

In addition to saving money through recycling processes like anaerobic digestion, your waste is recycled into renewable energy like biogas. To learn more about this, contact Leicester Waste at 01163 400 740.

We work with businesses of all sizes and all types. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We are here for you.

What is Food Waste?

The term “food waste” is used for any food surface that is intended to be disposed of or needs to be disposed of. Some of these include food found in certain types of packaging, out-of-date food from stores and supermarkets, leftover food and food waste from food processing, and animal feed. Businesses with food service on their premises generate certain amounts of food waste. 

Food waste management can have a direct impact on the environment since it can boost the recycling rate of general waste when food waste is segregated. This is because for most general waste items, food waste is a contaminant. When cardboard, paper, plastic, etc comes into contact with food waste, they may no longer be eligible for recycling as they will be considered contaminated. 

That leaves you with more waste to either take to incineration chambers or landfills which cost way more than sending your waste for recycling. Ultimately in more ways than one, mismanagement of food waste leads to loss of money for businesses.  

How is Food Waste Stored?

At Leicester Waste, we provide you with free bins to store your food waste and be able to keep it separated from other waste to avoid contamination. We have a variety of wheelie bins sizes that you can choose from depending on the amount of food waste your business produces. 

We will then come collect it for recycling on the agreed upon date and time. Mismanagement and storage of food waste can lead to the food waste being disposed of in landfills.  While food is biodegradable in landfills, the process releases substantial volumes of carbon dioxide and methane, which contributes significantly to global warming. Moreover, these emissions are comparable to those produced by vehicles on the road and fossil fuels.

Food Waste Recycling Leicester

Food recycling is becoming more and more significant in terms of environmental protection. Separating general waste and food waste reduces landfill disposal and is something that any commercial waste collection service should focus on. The most popular method of recycling food is through anaerobic digestion and this goes as follows:

The food waste is dumped into an anaerobic digester, a sealed tank that contains no oxygen. The waste is broken down (or digested) in these reactors, which produce biogas and digestate (the solid and liquid material end-products of the anaerobic digestion  process), which is expelled from the digester. The biogas produced during this process can be utilized to power renewable energy generators, while a nutrient-rich biofertiliser is left over at the end of the process and can be applied to farms instead of fossil-fuel-derived fertilizers.

When all food waste produced in the UK is converted to energy using anaerobic digestion, it would enable 740,000 households to be warmed and it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.9 million tonnes annually, which is equivalent to removing 700,000 vehicles off the road. The expectations of consumers regarding environmental waste disposal have never been higher. Our company can help you reduce your carbon footprint by managing your food waste environmentally.

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