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Wet Waste Compactors
The waste compactors in our range were designed especially to manage wet waste. In the event the waste is for example food, this can cause bad odours and contamination of the working environment. In especially bad cases there may also be issues with vermin.

Leicester Skips Direct provides the complete array of Wet Waste Compactors to help solve these issues. The Compactors are completely sealed, for example, doorway and are self cleaning thanks to the pendulum blade reaching under the waste material significance that there’s no ‘cleaning hatch’ to keep. The Compactors are examined before leaving the factory by being full of water — to pass, not one drop is permitted to escape. Odours are minimised as well as the effluent is included, leading to a safer and cleaner working environment for the client.

These versions are available:-
A smaller Mobile Compactor, transported via dumpster lift (chain elevator). This compactor may be provided with an incorporated bin elevator if needed.

Additionally mobile via roll on/roll off (hook elevator) this machine is significantly bigger. Container capacity ranges from 14-26m. This compactor may be provided with an incorporated bin elevator if needed.

Monitored by a completely audited paper trail from cradle to grave, providing you with total reassurance.

Safe management of processing of all gear, safely wiping all of the data and advice
We provide an entire data sanitisation service for commercial hard drives (HDD), servers, PCs and workstations thus supplying customers with increased data security and greatest reassurance.

Ensure your company is compliant with UK regulations
Our conformity and quality team is going to make sure that you remain compliant and current with all WEEE regulation. From one off groups, to WEEE dumpsters and routine services we can provide you with the most economical options.

In July 2005, the Government introduced several significant developments to the Hazardous Waste Regulations, updating spent fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps, computer monitors and TV’s to hazardous waste. Disposal of these things is dangerous as it discharges dangerous phosphor debris and poisonous mercury vapour. In case your company uses fluorescent or sodium light, runs computer or TV gear, it’s now considered a manufacturer of hazardous waste.

Under the regulations, manufacturers of hazardous waste cannot dispose of these things along with general waste.

Additionally, hazardous waste including lamps, computer and TV gear can simply be stowed on unlicensed premises for a maximum amount of twelve months.

All companies must file annually with the Environment Agency (EA) before they are able to dispose of hazardous waste. The EA now informs recycling businesses to check that the premises they gather from are registered. If they are not, the insurance company should refuse to take the waste and report the assumptions to the EA.

The most crucial evidence of this is actually the Hazardous Waste Consignment Note. It’s this note that efficiently transfers your duty for disposal of the waste to an accredited third party, and provides onward liability for the waste company as required by the brand new regulations.

Leicester Skips Direct have been licensed by the EA and will deliver unique containers where the hazardous waste may be kept and certainly will gather the when the units are complete. They’ve a waste carrier’s licence, empowering them to transfer the stuff from the company’s assumptions and to issue the Hazardous Waste Consignment Note to the waste company.

As consignees, Leicester Skips Direct keeps the comprehensive records essential to supply the quarterly administration and retrieval advice needed by the Environment Agency.

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